Portable mower

Portable mower


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Accessories and introduction

Applicable objects: lawn, roadside hedges, corn, reeds, shrubs, sugar cane, barley, rice, etc.

Note: 1 qualified gasoline and engine oil to ensure the mixing ratio (25: 1);

2. Regularly (30 hours) check and replace the air filter to check the spark plug;

3. After working for one case of oil, rest for 10 minutes, and clean the machine's loose gasket after each work to ensure heat dissipation;

4. When storing, the body must be cleaned, the mixed fuel should be drained, and the fuel in the vaporizer should be burned; the spark plug should be removed, 1-2 ml of two-stroke oil should be added to the cylinder, the starter should be pulled 2-3 times, and the spark plug should be installed.

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