Lyine Daily 70kg Fodder Machine Hydroponic Barley Germination System For Animal Farm

Lyine Daily 70kg Fodder Machine Hydroponic Barley Germination System For Animal Farm


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Lyine Daily 70kg Fodder Machine Hydroponic Barley Germination System For Animal Farm

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 Animal feed fodder hydroponic greenhouse system can be produced in great numbers within 7 days from seed to grass for all livestock & even quicker with CO2 added. Various varieties of grass fodder include, but are not limited to, barley, oat grass, lucerne grass, rye grass or whatever grass one wishes to grow in one’s country.


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The principle of a hydroponic fodder system is simple:

1. Whole grains are soaked, then watered and sprouted in shallow trays;

2. The seeds will usually sprout within 24 hours;

3. 5-8 days produce a 6- to 8-inch high grass mat;

4. At the end of the growing period, the fodder is fed to livestock as a supplement in the same way that hay and silage are currently.


  The system can be as complex and large as a commercial system with hundreds of feet of linked channels and a timed watering system that can generate tons of fodder each day, or as simple as a small micro unit that can be customized to any space for a homesteader to sprout seed for small livestock or backyard chickens. Barley is the most commonly grown forage because it usually gives the best yield of nutrients.


The advantages of animal feed fodder hydroponic greenhouse system

 7-day cycle lets you produce nutrient-rich fodder daily for just pennies a pound.

• Water-saving nutrient film technique watering regimen eliminates the need for overhead watering and reduces humidity levels that may promote fungus and mold growth.
• UV-stabilized, NSF-quality PVC growing channels are supported by galvanized framing.
• Connect multiple systems to achieve higher yields of 500, 1,000 or 2,000 lbs. of fodder per day with our Multi-Unit Adapter Kit. 


        Animal feed fodder hydroponic greenhouse system  also allows for the exclusion of chemicals like pesticides and herbicides because the plants are in a more protected growing environment making for a totally green and sustainable way to produce feed – an important factor for farmers trying to meet the demands of consumers who are increasingly seeking non-GMO products.



Project show

The Project Shows of the grass seeds sprouting hydroponic fodder tray machine are widely applied in all kind of hydroponic farms all over the world.


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Company Information

We are professional factory to make various hydroponic systems, trays, and mould, LED lighting curbs. We are committed to putting our customers as the first priority, by providing high quality products, integrity, honesty and accountability in our worldwide business. 




 Q1: Can I order 1 piece sample for testing?

A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality.

Q2: What about the lead time?

A: It takes 1-2 days to complete the shipment of the sample, 5-7 days of the clinched goods, and the bulk delivery shall according to the quantity.

Q3: I only have an idea on certain product, can you help me?

A: Yes, we have experience tech staff, they can design and make the samples according to your idea.

Q4: What about the payment?

A: 30% advance payment before production, and the balance to be paid before shipment.


  We have exclusive production technology, we have sufficient supply chain of products, we strictly control the quality of production, and we provide farmers in countries famous for drought with an alternative. We are absolutely the choice that you do not regret, come to contact us quickly!


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