LYINE Automatic Low Cost Of Hydroponic Machine For Fodder/Barley/wheat Grass

LYINE Automatic Low Cost Of Hydroponic Machine For Fodder/Barley/wheat Grass


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LYINE Automatic Low Cost Of Hydroponic Machine For Fodder/Barley/wheat Grass 


Product Description


 LYINE Automatic Low Cost Of Hydroponic Machine For Fodder/Barley/wheat Grass  is automatically controlled by microcomputer, which is energy-saving and water saving. It is easy to be managed which makes cultivation of green grass in large, small and medium farm (for camels, cattle, horse, deer and sheep ect.)It is a perfect room providing fresh green fodder to animals.1. The fodder will grow from a dry seed to a 12 -15 cm plant within 4 days.2. The system can bring down your feed costs by up to 60% and further more3. You will have guaranteed supply of Green Feed all the 12 months of the year no matter the weather conditions.

Four Type of the Hydroponic fodder machine:


Daily Output


Tray Quantity(PCS)


LYDM - 200





LYDM - 1000





LYDM - 2000





LYDM - 3000





LYDM - 4000






PE 85 (3)




Day 1: Pre-soaked swollen grains evenly spreading in the plastic tray.

Day 2: Seeds have begun to sprout roots and head after soaked for 24 hours.

Day 4: Tremendous growth in root bed occurs before growth of shoots/ heads. Healthy root beds will create a mass that resembles that of a tight knit carpet lifting the seed and shoot from the tray.

Day 6: Root bed is almost fully developed and growth transfers to shoots that have grown to 4-6 inches in overall height.

Day 7: Feeding Day--Growth so fast you can nearly see it! Fully developed shoots and root bed ready for feeding. Healthy root beds are hard to separate and shoots are 8-10 inches in overall height.




The advantages of Hydroponic fodder machine

 7-day cycle lets you produce nutrient-rich fodder daily for just pennies a pound.

• Water-saving nutrient film technique watering regimen eliminates the need for overhead watering and reduces humidity levels that may promote fungus and mold growth.
• UV-stabilized, NSF-quality PE growing trays are supported by galvanized framing. 

• Multi-system control allows you to easily get the amount of fresh animal feed you seek.


        Animal feed fodder hydroponic greenhouse system  also allows for the exclusion of chemicals like pesticides and herbicides because the plants are in a more protected growing environment making for a totally green and sustainable way to produce feed – an important factor for farmers trying to meet the demands of consumers who are increasingly seeking non-GMO products.


Project show

The Project Shows of the grass seeds sprouting Hydroponic fodder machine are widely applied in all kind of hydroponic farms all over the world.


sprout machine58

sprout machine57

85 TrayPVC Trayhydroponic fodder machinehydroponic towerflowerpotDutch barrels

Packaging & Shipping


Company Information

We are professional factory to make various hydroponic systems, trays, and mould, LED lighting curbs. We are committed to putting our customers as the first priority, by providing high quality products, integrity, honesty and accountability in our worldwide business.



1, Does your 500kg capacity machine come fully equipped with all the lights, sterilizers, etc?

Yes,with Fan, cooling system, Ozone machine, Air Conditioner and other accessories.


2, Is the standard 1000kg capacity unit functional without all additional charged items?

All these accessories already included but if something, you can also buy directly in the local.


3, Is the machine a converted 40 foot shipping container?

The 1000kg machine itself is a forty-foot cool container, all the machine body  belongs to you.


4, on both the 500 kg and 1000 kg machine does anything need to be assembled on site or is everything pre-assembled.

About the machine,both 500kg and 1000kg machine finish testing ,then we ship it. After machine arrive,just need simple connection.


5, What is the output yield of both machines when using normal white light versus colored lights (as per your quotations). Will the output be higher than 500 / 1000 kg using colored lights}.

The sprout grow effect of color light is better than common light,output higher,but not too much.


6, Is the air conditioner unit and the cooling system one unit (like a regular air conditioner)?

Not same. Air condition is air cool, cooling system is water cool.


7, Is the shipping container insulated with polyurethane foam or any insulation?

Yes,insulated with polyurethane form. 

8,I need some info on the power required for each unit . The specs say 10 kw but I need to know what amp supply is required. This is urgent as I am busy putting the power supply in place

AC :1KW,Cooling system :2KW, Ozone machine :0.5KW,water pump: 2KW,other parts :about 5KW. some time cooling system no need work all the time if temperature if less than 25C long time.


9.If you have any data on the feed requirements of dairy cattle using only sprouts or a blend of dry matter .the same applies for sheep

When feeling half sprouts with hal f dry grass is better. 
Cattle need about 5-10Kgs sprouts /day, sheep need about 2-3Kgs /day.


10.The water cooler is it also a heater or just cooler

Cooler can be only cooler also can be both cooler and heater accordingly.


11.There are two ozone pumps is it necessary for both in one unit

Standard case only need one ozone machine, we advice buy extra one in case any problem


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