LYINE Indoor Gardening Hydroponic Vertical Grow Towers For Greenhouse

LYINE Indoor Gardening Hydroponic Vertical Grow Towers For Greenhouse


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Name:LYINE Indoor Gardening Hydroponic Vertical Grow Towers For Greenhouse

Product Description


Vertical aeroponic garden growing vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers at home

(Hydroponics version available) 

Soil-free growing system, use as little as 10% of traditional growing nutrients & water

Can produce crops in less time than soil planting

Can be placed at urban patios, decks, porches, balconies, terraces, or rooftop gardens

Made of food-grade PP

Accommodate 42 planters in one tower, 6 planters per floor, 7 floors

Additional floors available

1Hang hydroponics tower

2 -Hang hydroponics tower

3 -Hang hydroponics tower

hanging column   (4)


Detailed Pics



    1, Suitable for vegetables or flowers, etc.

    b, Save the land, no soil is needed for hydroponics 

    c, All the growing conditions can be controlled with hydroponics system   

    d, Stable and high productivity with NFT channel

    e , Environment friendly.  

    f, Plants grow healthier and easy to havest


4 -Hang hydroponics tower

5-Hang hydroponics tower

6-Hang hydroponics tower

7--Hang hydroponics tower

8 -Hang hydroponics tower




9-Hang hydroponics tower

11-Hang hydroponics tower

Company Information


 Lyine factory was established in 1980.

Now lyine Group has more than 450 employees, covers 90 hectares. Under the concerted efforts and support of R&D team, Lyine are becoming a leading manufacture for Hydroponics system,relevant machine.
Zhengzhou Lyine Machinery And Equipment Co.,Ltd.(our special international business department) expand oversea market ,always serive foreign clients. Lyine Group Philosophy Customer satisfaction,High Quality,delivery in time,Warm After-Sales Service.
We as well as our strong technical team are willing to supply you with very professional products.


Water  column packing 7.jpg

Water mist column 10.jpg

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